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Why choose us?

Our in-depth experience working with patients at every level of care prepares us to best guide you on the journey of recovery. Treatment is designed to provide comprehensive and focused care that will allow you the opportunity to experience full recovery in an outpatient environment.

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Individual Therapy

Individually based and tailored to meet your needs.
1-3 times a week as needed.


Family Therapy

Family therapy offered in conjunction with individual therapy as a means to provide hope and healing for the family system.


Group Therapy

Please email or call to inquire about what groups are available as they are formed based on community need.


Support Group

This is a free Eating Disorder Support Group located right here in Great Falls, MT. Please contact us for details on time and location.


Intensive Outpatient Program

IOP is designed to foster an intensive and supportive environment when traditional outpatient therapy no longer meets recovery needs.

Program Features:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

4:00 – 7:00pm


The aim of the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is to create and foster an intensive and supportive environment in which continued recovery can be worked toward when traditional outpatient therapy no longer meets your recovery needs. IOP also serves as a “step-down” for those transitioning from a higher level of care (Inpatient, Residential, or Partial Hospitalization) as a means to provide the continued support necessary to protect your recovery journey upon your return home.

A crucial piece of the recovery process is the ability to practice and expose yourself to recovery behaviors while in your home environment. Our treatment program is designed to minimize disruption to your work and school schedules to allow you to do just that.

Our program provides 9 hours per week of therapeutic services that are individually tailored and designed to meet each patient’s unique recovery needs.  Patients will participate in group therapy, skills, and process groups, supported meals, and various evenings devoted to nutrition education and experiential outings.  We function within a team treatment approach and collaborate closely with schools, medical professionals, dietitians, therapists, and families.


Therapeutic Meal Support

Individualized meal support program designed to enhance outpatient individual therapy services with direct observation and support during meals or snacks.


Therapeutic Meal Support (TMS) is an individualized meal support program for eating disorder patients. We all know that eating disorders are not about the food, but in order to facilitate healing and lasting recovery it has to start with the food. This is why we offer an experiential and exposure-based service to aide in decreasing the fear and stigma associated with certain foods or eating in general. Support is provided where it is needed – in the office, at school, or at restaurants for specific food related challenges.

Treatment Modalities

Emily Wish, LLC provides evidence-based expert care for the treatment of eating disorders and the anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges that accompany them.

Treatment Modalities

Eating disorders are among the most difficult to treat disorders and have the highest mortality rate of all mental health disorders. We have the training and experience to effectively help those struggling with the complexities of this disease. The sooner treatment is initiated, the higher the likelihood of recovery.

Questions about our therapies?

 Therapeutic Meal Support for your patients:

Services are offered as a means to provide experiential and exposure-based modalities in supplementation to your current individual treatment with your patient. As you know, self-report makes it difficult to assess the full extent of a patient’s struggle with food, and in-session guidance often does not extend its influence to the actual meal. Whether your patient needs help processing difficult emotions and thoughts, incorporating fear foods, or overcoming anxiety related to eating with others, we can help provide that additional support.

We can help you with patients …

  • Who need in-person support to implement your in-session recommendations.

  • For whom direct observation of eating behavior would better inform your therapeutic focus.

  • Who would benefit from private guidance to more effectively use group-based meals.

To refer and collaborate, please contact us at 406-952-3772


Consultation Services

Helping patients with eating disorders is difficult work. Whether you specialize in this area or are primarily focused on other aspects of the individual’s struggle, having a colleague with whom to problem-solve often makes the difference between patient progress and clinician burn-out.

Please call or email us if you are interested in learning more about our consultation services. 

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